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Need a Team

2009-07-28 01:57:46 by ShadowofAngels

Working on building a team for a new series called Elite, it's a great series idea, and I'm a bad animator, I need an animator, a 3D animator, and some voices. So it'd be great if I could start production this week (maybe by the end of this week)


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2009-07-28 05:11:13

maybe YOU don't need a TEAM but maybe a TEAM needs YOU

ShadowofAngels responds:

What'd you mean? I'm only good at the script and the story line.


2009-08-02 00:02:36

Listen to betteratbrawl7777 (even if his name is terrible).

Try to join a team as a writer instead of making your own ideas a priority. Writers are a dimea dozen. Writing a good story is fairly easy if you have time for it. Coding and artistry are more difficult to do and require skills well beyond that which a writer needs.

That said, we don't all like making stories, let alone reading them. That's the beauty of animation, of movies. We make it easier to picture what's going on.